The Hostel Complex of CM in Prokocim
Jagiellonian University – Medical College
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Hostel B

The recently renovated facility offers:

  • 18 single rooms with bathrooms,
  • 18 enlarged double rooms with bathrooms,
  • 2 single rooms for disabled persons with a bathroom and a kitchenette,
  • 139 standard double rooms with bathrooms.

Rooms are equipped with:

  • couches with a bed linen container,
  • desks,
  • chairs,
  • cabinets with a bookshelf,
  • a wardrobe,
  • a bed linen.

In addition, on each floor there is a kitchen with a dining room equipped with:

  • refrigerators and cupboards for each room,
  • two four-burner electric hobs,
  • two ovens,
  • a microwave oven,
  • two sinks,
  • seating furniture,
  • a table, chairs and a counter with high chairs.

On the ground floor of the building there is a multi-function room equipped with:

  • a multimedia projector with a screen,
  • a conference table with chairs,
  • a TV set.

In the basement of the building there is a laundry room and a dryer room equipped with:

  • 10 washing machines,
  • 5 electric dryers,
  • stainless steel table tops,
  • a single sink,
  • a hand-wash bath,
  • ironing boards and irons,

Aerobics room.

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